Soccer update 4/16/2013

We had our first loss of the season. Mostly due to letting in a weak first goal, and then running around in our own end while they popped in two more goals. Both deflections. 35 minutes of terrible effort. We (well, okay, Tommy) scored two goals in the last 15, one spectacular on the out line slide tackle the ref blew the whistle on early, but that went right into the net. Don’t know how he even got a foot on that one. it was pretty, but we didn’t have enough juice in the tank to tie it.

Our record is now 7 – 1 – 1. One more win will pretty much clinch us some division silverware… Though we have our eyes and hearts set on the playoffs. Also I tweaked my knee pretty good, mostly because i failed to listen to advice given to me a couple weeks ago of not to let people get under your skin. I never really relaxed myself on the bench, an i missed a beauty of a pass in the first couple minutes that pretty much would’ve changed the entire outcome of the game. Guess I’ll keep training.


So there was an attack on Boston today/yesterday (sorry I haven’t slept yet). I had the privilege of being in the city at the beginning of March, caught a Bruins game, and got ridiculously drunk. The city was very welcoming. A complete 180 from my travels to New York, where nobody would just start a conversation with you. Boston is a great city, and they will bounce back from this, I have no doubt. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

wellllllllll… this is awkward

It’s been almost a year since i last wrote in this. I’m sick of wasting my time watching stupid tv shows and generally just consuming media instead of creating. not necessarily creating media, but creating anything. Learning new things, gaining skills, meditating, my time could be spent in much better ways. So I’m going to make a concerted effort to do that. And to document my life in here.


I wrote a day 7 post… and it doesn’t seem to be here… but even with that post it looks like I missed a day already!
I’ll have to start my 365 days in a row of posting again right now. For realsies.

Day 6 – Not too bad

So I wasn’t around food much today, so it went by pretty flawlessly. Lately i did develop a slight headache, which is pretty abnormal for me. My suspicions are that my body is burning off some fat that is filled with toxins, or uncovering some deep hidden toxins in my colon or intestines. The truth about that may never be revealed to me.

On that note, solid bowel movements on day 6 are confusing. Especially considering that no salt water flush or laxative tea was consumed this morning ( forgot it in the kitchen when I left for work. You’d figure after 6 days of not eating, that would stop happening. If tomorrow is like today, I might just continue the cleanse until bowel movements stop.  I’ll really decide tomorrow though.

On a completely different note, I’m really closing in on buying a car. Almost time to get the money together. Exciting time!! Expect lots of pictures then.

Day 5… Decisions…

So, today was pretty hard, I think i didn’t drink enough of the maple syrup/lemon drink. Going for a long time without drinking it is tough. Went for a drink with friends at a restaurant patio, that was probably the worst. Smelling food is worse than seeing pictures of it, or thinking about it. That sense is just so closely related to the consumption of food, that it’s so hard to resist. I did resist though.

I have decided that I shall go for two more days. Yes, I know it’s only 7, and yes I know I did have a kind of regular poop today… which is really strange after 4 days of not consuming anything. I might change my mind on this and stick with the original 10, but one of the key factors is having to play soccer on Wednesday, and while I played last week without eating anything and it was okay, I’m not sure it’d be that good this week.

My body fat today weighed in at 14.5… When this all started it was around 19, that 14.5 was weighing myself near the end of the salt water cleanse, which i do believe skews the results on the scale. Blood pressure was measured at 129 over 69 in the evening. Might consider doing readouts like that everyday. Maybe graph it eventually. Who knows? Blog, you have so much potential. I’m glad that we’re together.

Day 4 – I really wanted to eat today…

Probably stress eat. Doesn’t help that I woke up to delicious lasagna being eaten by others.

This cleanse has been good, even if just to increase my willpower. That’s one muscle that people don’t exercise enough. It really feels like this is stretching my capabilities all around. I’ve got to come up with more efforts like this that test/improve my willpower. I’ll add that to the list of things to do, right beside my quest for ambidexterity (took me a while to figure out that word in my head…) and my want to learn a second fluent language. Two things that I hope to improve over the next year. Also, NLP. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that it’s a necessary skill for my life, regardless of what i choose to do with it.

Maybe I’ll work on that one first… Michael Breen’s “The Meta Model” here i come!

Day 3 – i’m hungry and my kidneys kind of hurt

I suspect the kidney hurt is because I haven’t been drinking enough water, or that’s what the internet has lead me to believe. It’s a mental battle between me and the food right now, and I’m winning. I’ve had wavering thoughts about  maybe shortening the fast, but i think that’s just my brain being a p***y. It’s hard to fail when you tell everyone what you’re doing. It makes me feel much more obligated to stick on this for the 10 days, and all just because I told other people about it. It’s amazing.

If I’m going to fail, I’d much rather fail in public.


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